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OLED Screen

We are hoping for a softmod solution for jailbreaking PS Vita, but if unlocking with a software tool won't be possible we are prepared to install PS Vita Mod-Chips to play game backups and copy ISO files.

- PS Vita Chip

Release List

"The world of gaming has been tipped over because of the release of the new PlayStation Vita. This amazing toy is quite different to other handheld devices because of several factors. The PlayStation Vita includes two analog sticks which are actually common to the PS franchise. Each stick is about 5-inches and is incorporated to control the OLED muli-touch screen"

- Black Wave

" Bit Torrent downloads are the fastest. "

- PS Vita Torrents

What You Get

PSV Freeware and Homebrew Games, Apps and Warez.



Latest News

Since the PlayStation Vita device supports Bluetooth and 3G capabilities, various games can be played.  Players can enjoy the 3D rendered effects found in such PS titles such as Metal Fear Solid 4, Yakuza of the end as well as the Call of Duty series. These games can be played either through a multiplayer setting connected through Bluetooth synchronization or through the PlayStation network. Since the PlayStation Vita has a 4 core ARM processor, games like the Lost Planet 2 would have a very superb texture and form. Pixilation of games and clipping would also be reduced since the PlayStation Vita Processors are designed to clean out any rundowns.